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Beaufort SC Weather and Climate

Pleasant Year-Round Weather For Buyers of Beaufort Real Estate

Beaufort SC Weather - Beaufort Oceanfront
Beaufort SC winters are moderate and summers are pleasant to hot, with cooling on-shore breezes. Average annual temperature for Beaufort weather is 65ºF and annual precipitation is 49.4 inches. Temperatures in August can run into the 90s and lows in winter may reach 20 degrees. When a winter front passes through Beaufort SC, the temperatures of Beaufort weather usually bounce back to the high 60s or low 70s within a couple of days.

As is true of the entire eastern seaboard, Beaufort real estate owners keep an eye on the hurricane maps between June and October. Emergency management officials are well prepared. If a storm were to threaten the Beaufort SC area, Beaufort real estate owners will have plenty of time for evacuation.

Beaufort real estate's stately homes, some of them built 250 years ago, give testimony to the kindness of the elements here, where Beaufort real estate owners swim six months out of the year, sailors can rely on a breeze to fill their sails, and cool-weather crops grow under the winter sun. Most of the time, Beaufort weather is sunny and breezy with glorious clouds piled high into the sky.

Average Temperatures in Beaufort, South Carolina

Month Average High Average Low Average Rainfall

January 58 39 4.0
February 62 42 3.1
March 69 48 3.6
April 76 55 3.7
May 83 63 3.1
June 88 70 5.6
July 91 74 5.6
August 89 73 6.6
September 85 69 5.0
October 77 57 3.1
November 69 49 2.4
December 61 42 3.2 //

Beaufort Current Weather Conditions and 5-Day Forecast
Current Conditions

Relative Humidity: %
Heat Index: ° F
Wind Chill: ° F
Five Day Forecast
Thunderstorms Likely
Thunderstorms Likely
High: 81°
Low: 73°
Thunderstorms Likely
Thunderstorms Likely
High: 79°
Low: 72°
Chance Thunderstorms
Chance Thunderstorms
High: 81°
Low: 71°
Chance Thunderstorms
Chance Thunderstorms
High: 80°
Low: 69°
Slight Chance Rain Showers
Slight Chance Rain Showers
High: 78°
Low: 66°
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